Protecting the Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and most people tend to indulge in chocolates, candy, and other kinds of sugary sweets. If you’re honest with yourself, you know that eating too much of this stuff can be bad for your teeth. More importantly, eating a lot of sugary foods and not taking care of your teeth can have an even worse effect on the beautiful smile of yours. Truth be told, most people enjoy eating sweets on V-Day. I guess there’s something about chocolate that makes people feel romantic or something. So if you plan on indulging in this sweet action for Valentine’s day, there are ways that you can protect that smile from the effects of all that sugar.

It’s all in the Water

Have you ever noticed that when you eat chocolate or sweets, you can taste it in your mouth for a while after you are done eating it? The reason this happens is because the sugar is still in your mouth, and it mixes with your saliva to coat your teeth. The longer it sits there, the more damage it does. So the best way to help reduce the amount of sugar that sticks to your teeth is to drink some water. Simple, right? Well, it might take a little more work than just simply drinking water. 30 minutes after you eat all those sugary foods, you will want brush your teeth. Don’t brush your teeth right away because the sugar can get mixed in with your toothpaste and you could accidently be brushing your teeth with sugar, which might be even worse for your teeth.

We all know that good oral hygiene keeps your teeth looking clean and shiny, but did you know that it’s also essential to your overall health? It’s true, poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes.

That’s why Dentists recommend that teeth be cleaned professionally twice a year. Teeth cleaning is the removal of dental plaque and tartar in order to prevent cavities, gingivitis and gum disease. The average dental cleaning is a routine procedure that is rarely painful and takes 30 to 45 minutes.

If eating sweets has become an issue and you have begun experiencing pain, you may be feeling the effects of a cavity from too much sugar. Don’t worry. At Foothill Dental Care, we know how to make you feel better. Your smile and your comfort are our number one concern. Call Foothill Dental Care in Livermore at (925) 961-5484 to schedule an appointment today.