Are Teeth Impervious to Seasonal Allergies?

Who would have thought that teeth could be affected by seasonal allergies? Well, the easy answer is that teeth are not impervious to seasonal allergies. Actually, it’s the body that reacts to allergies, which, in turn, impacts the teeth. For instance, seasonal allergies can cause sinus pressure, sore throat, and dry mouth which can all lead to tooth pain based on the decrease of oral health from these allergic symptoms.

Here’s a quick breakdown of three symptoms that can be caused by seasonal allergies:

Tooth Pain

Anybody who has ever had allergies knows very well how pressure in the cheeks, nose, and head can make a person feel like their head is going to explode. This is what is called sinus pain from allergies. We have large sinuses above our mouths called maxillary sinuses, and that is where the source of the pressure comes from—that’s where it builds up. Consequently, that pressure will push down onto the roots of the upper teeth and cause pain. This can be very uncomfortable because a person has an enormous amount of pressure plus the tooth pain. Oh, the horror!

Sore Throat

One prominent symptom of allergies is a runny or stuffy nose, and if you get seasonal allergies, then you know very well how much mucus can fall from your nose. Here’s the thing: The buildup of mucus does not begin in the nose, but it starts in the back of the nose and eventually drips down into the throat (postnasal drip). This is what causes the sore throat. Since nobody likes a sore throat, they begin taking over-the-counter drugs like cough syrup or cough drops to sooth the throat. However, this is what damages teeth in the long run because most people will drink the syrupy medicine before bed, which is allowing the medicine to sit on teeth. Not good!

Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth when you’re suffering from allergies is the worst! Since your nose is plugged, you can’t breathe through it, so you’re forced to breathe through your mouth. Unfortunately, when a person only breathes through their mouth, the whole mouth dries up faster than mist in the desert because of the constant wind being sucked in and blown out of the mouth. A dry mouth can cause bacteria to develop and become malignant, which can lead to cavities, severe gum disease, and some pretty stinky breath. Ewww! (poop emoji)

Here are Five quick tips to protect your teeth from allergies:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Maintain oral health
  3. Gargle salt water
  4. Rinse after taking syrupy medicines
  5. Visit the dentist

If you are suffering from allergies and have an orthodontic appointment, please be sure to inform your dentist of your symptoms so that they may properly diagnose the problems, if any, with your teeth. For more information on how to care for your teeth during allergy season, call Foothill Dental Care in Livermore at (925) 961-5484 to schedule an appointment today.