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Although you might not give them much thought on a normal day, your teeth are some of your most precious possessions. They allow you to eat the foods you love, give you the ability to speak clearly, and offer a pleasant smile to friends, family, and strangers. That’s why, when the unthinkable happens – and you get hit with a dental emergency – you want to be able to find an emergency Livermore dentist fast.

So, what are the reasons you might need emergency dental care in Livermore? Although there are numerous possibilities, here are a few of the most common dental scenarios requiring emergency care…

A Knocked-Out Tooth

You’ve just eaten your fill of Thanksgiving turkey and you head to the backyard with family for a quick game of football. It’s all fun and games until your nephew accidentally elbows you in the mouth, sending one of your precious pearly whites flying.

It can happen to any of us. And it doesn’t have to be the result of an injury like this. A knocked-out tooth can occur for any number of reasons, including severe decay. If you’ve had a knocked-out tooth, you need fast emergency dental care in Livermore. Immediately call your dentist and see if you can make an appointment within the next hour or two. In the meantime, rinse your tooth off and store it in a container of saliva or milk. With a little luck, your dentist will be able to re-implant it.

A Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth may look cute on a kid, but on an adult… well, it’s just not the same. Chipped teeth can happen for any number of reasons, including accidents or even hard foods. Fortunately, chipped teeth are some of the most common dental care concerns for your Livermore dentist to deal with. As a result, he’s likely got plenty of experience repairing them. A skilled dentist can repair your chipped tooth via several different ways, including a veneer, a crown, or a bond.

Severe Tooth or Mouth Pain

It’s easy to take a healthy mouth for granted. But you can bet that when you start to develop a severe toothache or mouth pain, you will quickly realize just how much you must be thankful for when everything feels good.

Toothaches often start off without much fanfare. You may notice a little pain when you bite down or while eating and not think too much of it. However, if it continues to grow in severity, it can quickly become unbearable. If you’ve run out of home remedies and your toothache hasn’t been relieved, there’s a good chance that you should see your dentist.

Severe toothaches are one of the most common reasons you need emergency dental care in Livermore. The worse your toothache is, the faster you should see an emergency dentist. After all, when you’re experiencing intense mouth or tooth pain, you’ll likely have a hard time eating or doing other necessary activities.

Face Swelling

If you’ve noticed facial swelling around your jaw or mandible, you could be facing a major problem that you need emergency dental care for. Swelling is one of the most common signs of an infection. If you’ve noticed other signs of infection, including fever or trouble breathing or swallowing, you should call your dentist right away. This can be a sign of major issues – possibly an infected salivary gland.

And although these are uncommon, if you’re dealing with one, you need to have it examined and dealt with immediately. The last place you want an infection is anywhere near your head.

An Abscess

Speaking of infections, abscesses are common infections in the mouth that can lead to serious complications and medical problems. Abscessed teeth normally manifest as a tooth that has an infected root. This can occur for several different reasons, including untreated cavities and chronic, untreated gum disease.

When you have an abscessed tooth, you may notice a terrible taste in your mouth, a pus-filled infected area near the infected tooth, swollen glands, or even a fever. Do not delay seeking treatment for an abscess. If it’s not too severe, it may not require much more than being drained and a round of antibiotics. However, if the abscess is bad enough, you may need a root canal to completely clear your mouth of any infection.

Bleeding Gums

Another common dental care concern for your Livermore dentist to look at is bleeding gums. If you notice that your gums chronically bleed after flossing, there’s a good chance you may have gum disease or gingivitis. Practicing good oral hygiene – by utilizing effective brushing and flossing techniques – can go a long way toward helping with this problem.

However, if your gums continue to bleed or constantly ache, you may have gum disease that is progressing to a stage where emergency dental care is needed. It’s best not to wait until it’s too late to have your gums examined and treated by a professional. Your dentists should be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong as well as what you need to do in order to keep any gum disease from progressing.

Constant Headaches

If you have an occasional headache, it’s likely not the result of issues in your mouth. After all, headaches can occur for any number of reasons, from anxiety and stress to major medical disorders. However, if your headaches are chronic, there is the possibility that they could be the result of grinding your teeth (also called bruxism) – even while you sleep. This constant grinding could be giving you headaches and keeping you from living life to the fullest. Fortunately for you, there are treatment options available that can free you from the frustration of regular headaches. But you’ll need to contact your dentist to learn more about them.

There are numerous reasons you might need emergency dental care in Livermore. And this short list only scratches the surface. In addition to the above, you may want to consider contacting your dentist if you’ve noticed chronic canker sores, a numb tooth, a loose tooth, or if you start to experience a metallic taste in your mouth.

Basically, if you notice anything weird going on in your mouth, contact your dentist for emergency care. They should be able to examine, diagnose, and treat you so that you’re able to experience all the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Having regular dental checkups should be an essential part of your dental care routine, though emergencies will happen from time to time. In order to keep your oral health in check, make yearly dental visits with Foothill Dental Care in Livermore. We’ll ensure that you get professional cleanings, as well as x-rays and other services so that you can help keep your smile radiant and healthy.

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