Could you be swallowing wrong?

Are you swallowing correctly?

Something the average person doesn’t think about is the position or posture of their tongue. This issue is addressed with treatment from a myofunctional therapist. Tongue thrusting happens when the placement of the tongue is in an incorrect position during swallowing. The average person swallows up to 2,000 times, with about four pounds of pressure per swallow. The continuous pressure of the tongue will eventually force the teeth out of alignment. Besides pressure that is exerted while you swallow, nervous thrusting pushes the tongue against the teeth while it is resting. This action is an involuntary and subconscious habit that is tough to correct. Though it is most common in children, the habit can carry on into adulthood from untreated childhood habits or issues, especially if the person develops a narrow facial structure with a large tongue as they get older.

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According to the Health Line website, if you’re an adult with a tongue-thrusting issue, it could have also developed because of chronic allergies or swelling of the adenoids and tonsils. Stress is another cause. speech and language therapy, you can learn how to control tongue thrust even if it stems from a younger habit and avoid any oral conditions that would open the bite.

There are many different methods on how to correct the tongue thrust condition. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports tongue thrust management may include therapy for muscle function (myofunctional), simple habit control, habit-breaking appliances, orthodontics, and if nothing else works, possible surgery. A patient might also need help training themselves how to swallow correctly and what the best posture is for the tongue. These exercises are intended to help with toning up the muscles, which can eventually stop the tongue thrust. According to the International Journal of Contemporary Dental and Medical Reviews, these exercises include:

  • Myofunctional exercises: The patient can be guided regarding the correct posture of the tongue during swallowing by various exercises. Patients are asked to place the tip of the tongue in the rugae areas for 5 min and then asked to swallow
  • Orthodontic elastics and sugarless fruit drop exercises
  • 4S exercises: Spot, salivating, squeezing the spot and swallowing
  • 2S exercise: It includes identifying – spot and squeezes
  • Other exercises: Whistling, reciting the count from 60 to 69, gargling, yawning
  • Orthodontic trainers: Tooth channels, labial bows, tongue guard, tongue tag, lip bumpers.

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