Healthy Habits for Nice and Healthy Teeth

Tips for Healthy Habits for Great Looking Teeth

The first thing people see when they look at you is your smile. If your teeth are dingy and yellow, then they will probably not want to look at your very long. Of course, brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash can help keep your mouth fresh, but teeth discoloration may require a little more attention. Naturally, people with poor teeth color want to have their teeth whitened. However, too many whitening treatments may cause damage to the tooth enamel. The same goes with teeth cleaning; too much is bad. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that can help with whitening your teeth.

At Foothill Dental Care in Livermore, we care about all of our patients who come in for dental care. If you haven’t been to our office in a while, it may be time for a teeth cleaning, call Foothill Dental Care in Livermore at (925) 961-5484 to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of foods for you that will help you keep your teeth white naturally.


Broccoli acts like a natural toothbrush to help scrub away the food left on the teeth. Rather than steaming the broccoli, try consuming it when it is still raw and crispy to allow the high levels of iron to cover the enamel of your teeth as a way of deflecting stains and bacteria.


Oranges have several benefits to your health and oral health. Most people don’t know that an orange peel is not acidic. Instead, it also contains vitamin C, which acts as a teeth whitener. Make sure to wash the peel, remove the inner portion, and rub it across the surface of the teeth to help your tooth enamel defend itself from tarter and to help reduce plaque buildup.


Strawberries are very tasty fruits, but most people believe that they stain the mouth red. That’s not true. An old whitening recipe is combine strawberries and baking soda to help reveal the whiter part of your smile. As it turns out, the malic acid in strawberries helps to revive the white part of teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth after eating this fruit since it also contains a fair amount of sugar.


Carrots are great for eyesight, but they are also good to help remove stains from the teeth. Carrots are crunchy and have an abrasive surface that acts like a scrubber against stains. Snacking on carrots and rubbing them against your teeth can help create a smooth polish on your teeth.

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