Ways to Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Brushing teeth for your kids

Getting your child to regularly brush their teeth can be a job on its own. We’ve all seen those movies or shows where the parent asks their child if they brushed their teeth. They answer with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and the parent somehow always knows they’re lying.

But, good oral hygiene is a necessary life skill every child needs to learn. By getting your child into the habit of brushing their teeth the recommended twice a day for two minutes, it can help them ensure long-term dental health (and keep your wallet happy).

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Here are some ways to help find a routine:

  • First and foremost, start a routine. And start them young. We’ve all had those days when we get home and we’re tired. It’s tempting even for us adults to skip a day (or two) brushing our teeth. But, it’s important to stick with a routine. Children look to their parents for guidance and if they see you slacking, they’re more likely to.
  • Make it fun! Some kids see brushing their teeth as a chore. If you make it eventful, they’ll be more interested in doing it. Play one of your child’s favorite songs and have a mini dance party. Look up some videos online they can brush along to. Make it a race between siblings! Whoever does the best job gets to stay up ten extra minutes! Whatever it is, be creative and switch things up so brushing is always a fun time.
  • Reward good behavior. Think about what motivates your child. What are their favorite things to do? Do they like stickers? Make a reward chart and let them add the stickers. Do they have a favorite Netflix show? Let them watch an extra episode at the end of the week. Or sometimes it can be as simple as telling them you’re proud of them and giving them a high five. By reinforcing the good behavior, you are telling them that brushing their teeth is good behavior.
  • Make up a story. Tell them that their toothbrush is a superhero and it’s their job to help them fight the bad guys, aka plaque.
  • Go shopping. Let your child pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. There are tons of options with different characters and flavors – some even have sparkles!
  • Get the family involved. You can’t avoid it: your children learn from you. So set a good example. Same goes for older siblings! If a child sees that everyone else is brushing their teeth, it will normalize the behavior for them.

(this information has been compiled for information found at: https://www.mouthhealthy.org)

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